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Várhegyi Szabolcs vagyok, 2 éve fejlesztek Codeigniter alapra. - Önéletrajz letöltése
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Sitebuild & webfejlesztés. Speciális frontend megoldások, admin felületek.. - Önéletrajz letöltése
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We’re looking for 2 seasoned PHP developers to join our team ( for flexible period). We’re working for Napideal.hu, one of the leading dailydeal company in Hungary.

You need to get experienced with LAMP developing environment, CodeIgniter framework and Bootstrap. Javascript, CSS, HTML knowledge is also required.

Project summary: 
The project involves development of a daily deal platform in PHP that has been running on .net for last 3 years. The main task is to re-develop the whole backend in PHP and migrate existing data history. Frontend development and payment platform integration is not within the scope of this project, however you'll be closely working with the front end team to connect the backend. 

(A daily deal website is web based business model in which a single product or services can be sold online though an e-commerce website. For more info visit this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deal_of_the_day)

Your main tasks will be:
• backend admin Interface(bootstrap), 
• partners, contract, deals, user management
• deals CMS: edit content for front-end
• html newsletter generation (Mailchimp integration)
• reporting

It’s a fixed term project and you can work from your place. Office for weekly meetings is available.

If you are interested please send short CV and reference to workwithus@purerocklab.com.

More info about us: www.purerocklab.com


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